The Ted Cruz Theory of Business

Fresh off his undeserved vacation in Mexico, Ted Cruz is ready to stand up to corporate America and their belief that democracy is good for business.

Photo by Heather Mount on Unsplash

Ted wants you to think that CEOs of major brands are suddenly “enforcing” the double-secret socialist agenda of the Biden administration, but they are really running as far away from wannabe dictators we would all rather forget. Ted also wants you to conveniently forget that he carried a whole lot of water for the big lie — the one that made up a stolen election and inspired sedition.

The truth is, business thrives in a healthy democracy. Or at least my more capitalist-minded friends tell me that’s the case. The system that Cruz and his former orange opponent prefer, kleptocracy, isn’t really very good for business. You have to spend way too much time kissing the dear leader’s ass. You can’t argue something isn’t fair either. Do you blame corporate leaders wanting to avoid that, especially after people died storming the US Capitol on January 6th?

Are we really going to keep both-sidesing everything until those who do not care about ethics whatsoever get all of the power?

And then there is Representative Liz Cheney. Someone I have never ever agreed with. Up until she had the courage to stand up to outright treason. Sadly, this was something most of her colleagues were too afraid to emulate. Now, she is about to be thrown to the curb and the GOP continues the run from reason while focusing their efforts on making it harder to vote.

There are likely some points we could debate about the recent surge in voter suppression laws. But are we really going to be surprised that pretty much everyone is going to be aghast at decisions being made by people mad that the T-Cult didn’t get to steal America and destroy our democracy just a few months ago? Or should they have been rooting for Mike Pence to be dragged to the guillotine outside? I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of being gaslit by Ted Cruz.

I know it is naive of me to think this but is it really too much to ask to expect a major political party in America to be supportive of democracy? To be supportive of a business community that wants to side with democracy? How about Americans to see through the utter bullcrap that even the Kraken (AKA Sidney Powell) herself admits never was a statement of fact? It may be just too much to expect, but I just keep hoping people will wake up to the manipulation and lies, look Ted in the face and tell him to go back on vacation forever. Maybe he can show the business world how it should be done from the beaches of Cancun, although I doubt they would want him there either.